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We offer cost-effective solutions to individuals who would like to handle their cases themselves.  We can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in attorney fees.  We provide document prepartion services at a fixed rate, so you never have to worry about paying a retainer fee.  Unlike a paraglegal document preparation service, we not only prepare your documents but can provide legal advice.  Paralegals cannot provide legal advice, so you will be disadvantaged if your case turns contested. If you have a legal matter that you want to handle yourself,  but need the assistance of an experienced attorney, please call to schedule an appointment.  In addition, to our document preparation service, we  provide legal coaching, legal research or discovery.  We can provide all of these services at fixed rates.  If you have already purchased legal forms and simply need us to review them to ensure that the forms are acceptable for court, feel free to call us for a free quote.
While many cases can be handled by pro-se (to represent yourself) litigants, some cases should be handled by attorneys.  Such cases that involve  hotly contested issues should be handled by an attorney. We provide full-representation for both contested and uncontested cases in any case.  We also provide a virtual office environment for individuals who prefer to handle the case online, by email, fax or phone.  While we pride ourselves on providing client-centered services in person, we also understand that some individuals may actually prefer to deal with their attorney through alternate means.
While representing yourself can save you money, you may need full representation by an attorney if you feel stressed, overwhelmed or just  not comfortable with the law, and the time and attention it takes to represent yourself.  If you started as a pro-se litigant and believe that you may need full representation due to the complexity of your case,  free to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.  We can be reached at 713-367-1154. 
The Law Office of C.L. Swisher provides consultations daily. To schedule an office consultation, click on schedule an appointment link.  Weekend appointments are available by request.
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